Hugh Gilmer
Meet the team.

Hugh Gilmer

Director and Senior Refrigeration Expert


I have over 15 years experience in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and have completed all of those years at Jewell’s. I completed my apprentiship with Richard and stayed on as a Refrigeration Technician. I have worked my way up the ranks from apprentice to technician to senior technician and workshop manager to owner.

What gets me out of bed in the morning.

Throughout the years I have created some great relationships with my clients and really go above and beyond. Loyalty is very important to me and I believe I give it back in spades. I hate to see customers get provided with undersized equipment for their needs so you definitely won’t get that from me. You can trust that what I quote on is what you actually need.

What you might not know.

Aside from work, I enjoy playing premier hockey and cricket. I love fishing and would be out there doing it everyday if I had the chance! I have an amazing wife and daughter and enjoy a relaxing weekend with a beer or two. Who doesn’t?