Frequently asked Questions.

We'll try to answer some of the domestic and commercial refrigeration questions you might have.

As a commercial business how soon can you get out to me?

We will endeavour to attend commercial refrigeration needs on the day of breakdown as we understand how important it is for your business.

How often should I service my commercial refrigerators or heat pumps?

For all commercial refrigeration we recommend servicing at least once a year to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.  September - October are a good time before the summer heats up!

For heat pumps/air conditioning units filters may need more regular cleaning, sanitising and salt protection and depends on their location and use.

My fridge is making a loud humming noise.

It doesn't mean you need a new fridge, it may be just a simple fix to make it work efficiently again.

What useful information to gather before calling us.

If you can tell us the make and model of the fridge and freezer that would be great.  Models can be found in different places, usually on a sticker inside your fridge, they can sometimes be tucked away!  If you are able to offer an accurate description of your problem or issue when you contact us, this will be helpfull.

The seals on my fridge or freezer have been damaged. Should I get them replaced?

If your seals have been ripped, torn or gone hard with age then your fridge will be working harder than it needs to be and may not be as efficient as it was.  We can help with this.

How do I know if my fridge needs regassing? 

Many people believe if a fridge is not running as it normally does, then it needs to be regassed!  The reality is that unless the fridge pipes have been damaged or have rusted out this is not usually the case, and in fact it may well be something as simple as a faulty thermostat.  Without a physical check by one of our experienced technicians, there is no way of knowing exactly what the problem is. Call us today for an assessment.  We are unable to quote prices to just regas your fridge, as we are unable to know how long and what maybe required to repair, until we look at the fridge, as it will vary depending on the fault and the fridge.

Are you able to loan a fridge if ours needs to be repaired?

If your fridge needs to come into the workshop for any length of time we can arrange the loan of a fridge (conditions apply).

Where do you operate?

Jewell's Refrigeration operate servicing, repairing and installing across Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and the Bay of Plenty, as well as Waihi to Pukehina ( please note extra charges apply).

Our showroom is based in Tauranga. 62 Tenth Avenue, right opposite the entrance to The Warehouse.  Look out for the retro and the colour change wrapped fridges in the window or you might see Coco the friendly Chocolate Labrador lying out the front.