For all your commercial refrigeration needs in greater Tauranga and Mount Maunganui

Regular Servicing

For all commercial refrigeration werecommend servicing at least once a year to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.  October and November are a good time before the summer heats up! 

For heatpumps/air conditioning units filters may need more regular cleaning, debugging and salt protection and depends on their location and use. 

We will endeavour to attend commercial refrigeration needs on the day of breakdown as we understand how important it is for your business
✔ Bars
 Liquor stores
✔ Seafood 
✔ Coffee carts 
✔ Vending machines
✔ Grocery 
 Cool stores
 Rest homes
 Service stations

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07 985 9613

Experienced team

With over 30 years in the industry, we have the skills and experience to Repair, Service and Install all makes and models of refrigeration equipment. 

Emergency assistance 24/7

We provide a prompt and reliable emergency call-out service for our commercial clients. 
A technician is available after hours. Please call 07 578 0309 or the number below for our technician on call
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